My name is Rosie Wilford, the founder of

I am a graphic designer with a passion for typography working in the design and marketing industry. Using a range of multimedia and print design, I create type in relation to imagery and often the “type as image”. I have experience working on an array of different projects ranging from logo and branding design to private commissions, and design consultancy.

My personal work has a distinctly retro feel. I combine letterpress or Letraset with photographs, found objects and illustration, in order to create designs that fuse text and image in unusual and imaginative ways.

I enjoy visually referencing the process of design, often leaving elements of graph paper or masking tape within my finished pieces. I studied at the Colchester School of Art and Design, under the graphic designer David Jury.

My obsession is typography and where I place type in relation to my imagery is always key.

Tracing back through my childhood I see my Grandfather as my reference point. Exposure to the materials such as Letraset which he used in his work as an Architect left me always treasuring the odd, discarded “a”, “b” or “c” on the carpet under his desk.

Letraset is both a company and a registered product. The product allows the letters of the alphabet and basic line illustrations to be transferred by hand, by rubbing, applying pressure over the letter or illustrations to move it from the plastic film sheet to your chosen surface. The name Letraset was frequently used to apply to any brand of dry transferrable sheets.

Having made a childhood scrapbook and compiling a mental catalogue of favourite typefaces over the years, I have developed a passion for letter and number forms which I hope is apparent in my work today.

Day to day I’m inspired by the design and typefaces I find on packaging from everyday products from milk to perfume

I will be blogging about my thoughts on the typefaces and design I come across.